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Jane Fitch Interiors

This is entitled my latest obsession, which is not quite true – I have been slightly obsessed for quite some time now with Lola and SiDney, but other demands on my time mean that I can’t visit as often as I’d like ……

8 months ago a fabulous new shop opened in up and coming Tooting, named after 2 little bunnies, Lola and SiDney and owned by fashion expert turned vintage retro collector, Phil Austin. Every 6 weeks Phil changes his window display, but the one below is the coolest so far.

lola and sidney shop frontage

Phil’s dreams and passion has turned into a fully fledged business and everyone who stumbles across the shop, which is a little off the beaten track, thinks they have stumbled across a rare gem.

The shop specialises in selling vintage, retro, kitsch, quirky and funky goods from the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s.

This shop can’t fail to bring a smile to your face as soon as you walk in.

Let’s take a look at what’s on offer, bearing in mind that his stock changes rapidly – it’s a great excuse to go back weekly and see what’s new.

glassware jane fitch interiors

Check out ALL the glasses here – there’s something for everyone and every occasion.

inside lola and sidney jane fitch interiors

Phil occasionally gets in unique furniture pieces which have been lovingly painted and distressed. The chair here, painted by Phil in his signature colour – can you guess what it is?

kitchen display jane fitch interiors

There’s so much packed in the shop, sometimes it’s difficult to see some of the hidden gems. What about the cute little mid century table peeping out there?

more shelves of memories jane fitch interiors

There is SO much to see and talk about in this fabulous shelving system made from simple crates. Personally I’m drawn to Rupert.

stools galore jane fitch interiors

I was recently on the look out for a small stool to use as a bedside table, if only I’d have come here first – wow, such a range. I did buy something in this shot though – can you guess?

It’s like an Aladdin’s cave isn’t it. There is so much to see (and buy). In fact it wasn’t until I got back home and looked at the photos that I’d seen other items I wanted to go back and buy. I’m sure they won’t be there though.


luggage and scary rabbit jane fitch interiors

How about these fabulous cases – so many to chose from. Not so sure about the rabbit though, don’t you think he looks a bit sinister?

And the owner Phil – where’s his mugshot I hear you ask. Well this is all I got!


little boy mannequin jane fitch interiors


feature mirror wall jane fitch interiors

Here’s the shops signature colour again. Do you know what it is? I thought it was Abigail Ahern’s Bowery Blue, which I think is discontinued now. Anyway – it’s not. In fact it is Wickes own Ocean Drive? Who’d have thought it.

I’m afraid there’s only one way to see the interiors genius who put this shop together, and that’s to pop to his shop. I dare you NOT to buy anything from Lola and SiDney. It’s impossible to go away empty handed.

Oh and by the way – one of the coolest things about this shop which I nearly forgot to mention – the prices are SOOOOOO affordable. No rip off London prices here. So what are you waiting for?

Check out their Facebook page here to keep up do date on some of their stock and to find where they are. Go visit soon – and when you do, tell Phil that Jane sent you. Happy shopping…….