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Jane Fitch Interiors

Now when it comes to trends and Interior design it’s difficult to know where to look or what to believe. I mean, who’d have thought that Pineapples would be so huge, who predicted that one – and do you have a pineapple in your home, I bet you do?

I must admit, I don’t pay that much attention to trends, if it looks good, then I gotta have it. Does it ‘spark joy’ (aka Konmari method of decluttering which I am recently entrenched in) then it wins my vote. So it won’t surprise you that I only recently created my first, YES, my first gallery wall. (plus it’s only a fiddly one)

Ta da.

jane fitch gallery walls

I’m so slow, I suffer a bit of DIY paralysis at times and try and over plan any decoration in my home. I’ve planned my gallery wall for ages, but I was missing key pieces, so of course I couldn’t put it up half cocked (as they say up North!)

But it seems that the gallery wall is on the way out and so what’s coming in to replace it?

Gallery walls have been replaced with Grid wall hanging (or whatever it’s called – I’m sure someone will come up with a cool name for it). 

Here are some examples;


grid gallery walls art jane fitch

gallery grid walls jane fitch instagram


gallery grid wall art jane fitch gallery


So, to cushion the blow a little. The grid wall system does still lend itself to the gallery wall as long it’s hung in a regimented way?


What do you think? Are gallery walls on their way out ( I hope not). Even if they are, I say Blah blah blah. I didn’t want to be trendy anyway.

Next week I’m buying myself a golden pineapple, putting meaningful words on my wall and painting all my furniture with chalk paint.

Please tell me you’re as untrendy as me and we can wallow in our untrendy smugness.