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When it comes to the colour of walls in your home, there are 2, nah, scratch that, at least 3 types of people in this world (according to my limited thinking at the moment, it’s 5am in the morning and my brain is not fully engaged as yet).

1) Those that love and embrace magnolia and paint it all over their walls (i.e. the uneducated property developers and landlords who think Magnolia is the perfect backdrop for their uninspiring refurbishment),

2) Those that loathe this insipid colour and fight tooth and nail to rid it from their lives and their homes, and

3) lastly those poor old souls that move into rented accommodation and cannot repaint or cover up the Magnolia walls they have been left with.

bang head here

I’m actually a little ashamed to say I loathe Magnolia though, because the plant, shrub, whatever it is, is the most adorable of flowers with a fabulous scent, and only flowers for a very short time (in spring).



Anyway, I digress.

I recently moved into a house – and guess what. I’m living in a sea of magnolia (along with some other insipid and uninspiring colours) and the question is, What do I do about it?

I’m waiting waiting waiting (like forever) for the builders to come in and start ripping the house apart, but before that happens should I carry on living with Magnolia? Surely it doesn’t make sense to paint over it with the impending building work looming? I don’t have that much time and money for a start.

So – in order to TRY and live with it – here are my suggestions.

  1. Create a gallery wall to cover up the offending colour. This one literally took my 1 hour to do. I laid all the pics on the floor first. Faffed a bit – then hammered mostly nails into the wall and hey presto. When I had my house warming party everyone said, ” I love what you’ve done with the house – you’ve really made it your own” which is better than them saying ” what’s with the magnolia walls Jane – I thought you would have painted over these straight away”.
    jane fitch interiors gallery wall

    Don’t look at the wall colour. Nooooooooo

    I’ve just realised, for all tenants out there, banging in a nail or too amounts to rental suicide and you can’t even put blue tac on the walls these days. Fear not. Have you heard of 3M Command Strips. They are a tenant’s best friend as they leave no mark when you remove them. Have a look on Youtube of how simple they are to use. 

  2.  Hang one great big piece of FO art (sadly I don’t have one – but if I did – it would look like this)
    image: gallerydirect.com

    image: gallerydirect.com

  3. Wear shades in the home. Adds an element of coolness to your attire. Even in Winter when it’s dark outside, one must look effortlessly chic!quote-i-ve-got-to-wear-sunglasses-everywhere-all-the-time-even-if-its-indoors-or-at-night-psy-102-78-11

4. Why not bring in an oversized plant. Wow – that could hide a good chunk of wall and the greenery will definitely take eyes off the magnolia.

Pic from Pinterest, David Lawrence, Hamptons House

Pic from Pinterest, David Lawrence, Hamptons House

5. Lastly – get the builders in much quicker than you’d hoped. Pay them extra, do whatever, but cover up that offending Magnolia asap.

As a footnote, if you’re reading this and you have Magnolia walls. Then you must be living in rented accommodation. If you’re not – and you’ve chosen to paint your home Magnolia – then shame on you. Do something about it now. My home is not going to be for the beige hearted and yours shouldn’t be either.

Bye for now and see you at my next rant. Jx