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Where's my mojo?

Oh – here’s my mojo!!



Recently, it happened to me.

I didn’t see it coming! I’m not sure why it happened but it did.

I lost my mojo – I’m talking about my Interior Designer mojo. That special power that made me jump up every morning, attack all my goals with zest, use my superpowers to tackle anything and everything that stood in my way and design great useful, beautiful, functioning interiors.

Looking back I now understand why I lost it, but it can’t continue and I must carry on with what I believe in.

Why do we lose our Mojo?

I can’t answer that question for anyone but me, but I lost mine for a number of different reasons.

1. I was focused on something else – namely Project Managing a number of property developments.

2. I was tired, working long hours and not getting enough sleep. In a nutshell I was stressed. It was bad stress, not good stress.

3. I lost my confidence – I’m one of these people that need constant praise – and either I wasn’t getting it, or I didn’t believe what I was hearing.

4. Fear – in my case Fear of Failure. I was self employed and having to provide for my family. What if I couldn’t do it. What if I didn’t earn enough! It was because of this fear that I sought a job working for someone else – and then I really lost my mojo……. and I’d given into my fears.

How do we get our Mojo back?

It took me a good 5 months to realise that I’d lost my mojo. I knew something was different. Not right. My partner knew I was not right. Even my dad was worried about me – and that’s saying something. I started reading some really cool books, one of them – The War of Art is highly recommended and helped me conquer my demons. Anyway – here’s a small list (and I’m sure you can make a much bigger one) of how to get your mojo back.

1. Surround ourselves with like minded people. I am so fortunate that I have many friends in the business (and out of it) looking to give me help and support. They help me and consequently I help them – we all need to help each other constantly.

2. Get sleep and recharge your batteries. Need I say more. Oh yes I will  – exercise. The more I sleep the more I exercise. Not sure why it links up for me – but it does. I could also drop in eating healthy in this space. But I do eat healthily – if you count 1 chocolate snack a day as healthy. Well chocolate is NO MORE in my life. Good bye and good riddance you useless sugary waste of space.

3. Organise organise organise – I am developing my schedule for the next 3 months already and I’m feeling confident and organised.

4. Set short, medium and long term goals. This is so important and keeps you on the right track. Sometimes you might drift away from your pathway – but revisit those goals and keep going in the right direction.

5. Visualise success. This is key for me and I use visualisation in so many different areas of my life. I always say to clients how important it is to visualise a space – so I must take my own medicine. I know know what success looks like for me. It’s going to be lots of hard work – but I’m now up for the challenge.

So this is blog No1 of getting my mojo back. I’m not sure if anyone will even read it – but it’s made me feel better just writing it.