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Jane Fitch Interiors

Since moving to West Sussex, one of my biggest concerns is that it would take me a while for my Interior Design business to get up and running. In the meantime, what would I do? Sure I could launch myself into doing up our newly acquired home, and definitely I could get stuck into the huge garden as the weeds are not going to walk out of there on their own (although I am secretly hoping that is a possibility or that the garden cleaning fairies really do exist). But I’m a people person and I thrive on chatting to people, nosing around in their homes, which is one of the biggest positives to being an Interior Designer and helping them transform their homes.

So, I launched my online Interior Design service, which is starting to do well – surprisingly since I need to do a bit more marketing other than planting it on my website and hoping for the best.

Anyway my clients are really happy with the results, which is a bonus of course. One thing that has really come to light is that my clients are really surprised at the value cushions that are available through high street shops. I like to throw a few of these in here and there to show that you can mix it up when it comes to sourcing your accessories.

So, I’ve listed the 10 most popular from my online design service – some of them are my go to cushions for a variety of schemes. And because they are so reasonably priced – then you don’t even feel guilty to buying more than you need whilst also giving you the chance to experiment with trends or try something a little crazy.

I’m sure there are so many more on the market, but here goes.

Here are the links of where to get them from

Don’t forget, with cushions it’s all about adding texture, pops of colour and perhaps even tying all the colours in the room together.

If you want some inspiration on how to style with cushions, then check out this little montage from some of my favourite instahomes where you can see some of these cushions in action.

jane fitch interiors cushions of instagram

From left to right

Patirobins, Artynads, Lisa Dawson, Kelldon, Lou Watkins, Alex Crabtree, Dee Campling, Blissfully Eclectic, Nicola Broughton

I hope you found this a little bit useful and that you can see through the bargains that can be had, then it’s not too expensive to experiment and build up your cushion collection / obsession. Of course, most of them end up on the floor when you need to sit down, but hey ho, at least your pet will have something comfy to perch their posterior on too.