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Jane Fitch Interiors

Oooh! What a dilemma. Is there anything you can do to make a small bathroom look huge?

Yes – use Magic.

But if you don’t believe in magic, then there is always ILLUSION (a neat little trick used by Interior Designers and magicians of course).

Take this, rather grotty small bathroom in my friends newly purchased flat.

small bathroom rather grotty

Current Features:

  • It had reduced head height due to the staircase protruding into it.
  • A sunken bath, which doesn’t feel very luxurious
  • Florescent light, glaring in your face as you enter the room
  • No natural light
  • It doesn’t have much going for it does it?
  • Fortunately, you can’t see the floor!

What we did:

  • We dropped the floor, thereby increasing the head height available
  • We discarded the bath. The rational was that it wasn’t really a flat for a small family therefore a bath is not really needed.
  • We built a stud wall to hide the shower pipes and toilet cistern
  • We added 3 layers of lighting
    • mirror
    • ceiling downlights
    • small LED plinth lights around the skirting level
  • We used a single colour tile, which is a white metro with dark grey grout
  • We used a small cloakroom sink in the corner
  • We hung the door so that it opened into the hallway, rather than the bathroom.
  • Used a wall hung toilet to create an illusion of greater floor space

New Small bathroom
I think the results speak for themselves. The illusion has worked. The room looks larger and more spacious and is welcoming now.
Finish touches would be to add some accessories around the mirror. Maybe a strong green from a shade loving plant, or some coloured bottles at different heights.

refurbished small bathroom