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Jane Fitch Interiors

I thought I’d share with you my latest design proposal for one of my clients here in London. I’m designing the kitchen and lounge space – and we’ve called his style Retro Industrial Chic.
My client is a single male in his 40s who lives in a Victorian maisonette.
The lounge space is a reasonable size (at London standards) at 14sqm.
He is wall mounting his TV above the fireplace and having some bespoke shelving built into one of the alcoves. Here is my design for his alcove shelving.

retro Industrial Chic shelving design

The kitchen design is not shown here, but he has a small galley kitchen and the units chosen are a Rotpunkt kitchen in Matt Kashmir.

Here’s the style of design I’m going for in the lounge area. Do you think it’s a good style for a single man? I didn’t want anything too masculine.

Retro Industrial Chic

The 3 lights on the left of the picture will hang above the breakfast bar.
Some colour co-ordinated ornaments will adorn the new bespoke shelving.

So if he likes this style, the next step is to do the room plan to ensure it’ll all fit and identify some extras, e.g rug, table lamp, etc

Check out my pinterest board which will link to the source information for each item in the scheme.
http://uk.pinterest.com/janeyfitch/earlsfield-kitchen/. It’s changing all the time. Grateful for any feedback.