Hello again, so a little bit more about me. I’ve lived all over the UK before finally settling (for now anyway) in Petworth, West Sussex. I run my Interiors business from my lovely converted Victorian stable and coach house on the edge of the South Downs. I’m mum of one adorable little girl and I live with my other half, partner, boyfriend (yuk – that’s about using the term boyfriend and not him) who is a gaming geek and fabulous Brewer at Arundel breweries.

Once upon a time I lived in Leeds and London and had a proper job with a regular income. But I’ve blown that for the excitement of working for myself and I’ve never looked back.

From an early age, I balanced interior design (not that I called it that then) with work and more recently became so obsessed that I took voluntary redundancy to follow my passion.

Finding my own true style in interiors has been a real journey and I’m still travelling on it, I hope it will never end –  as I love so much from so many different eras.

So – thanks for coming to take a look and please stop by again if you fancy a nose around or even a chat.


Remodeling and Home Design